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Day 1


  1. Interface test (API) is function testing (adding or deletions to databases).

Category: to the outside, to the inside

Tools: Postman JMeter

Interface test necessity: early detection and early solution, low time cost.

Test concerns: business logic

  1. The general return of the interface is the JSON string

Json It’s a generic data type


  1. Front end (client) back end (server)


If it is a get request, it does not need any tools. If it is for convenience, use Postman. black

The following is not a random code, but a URL code



Get Difference from post request: there is no big difference.

Get The request data is placed in the URL

Post The requested data is placed in the body


By comparing cookie and session, we can know whether we can login successfully.


There is a local key value pair


Key value pairs stored on the server side


Add cookie




Performance testing:

Tool: JMeter

Script, press, parameterize




Jmeter Search sampleresult.default.encoding inside







Jmeter Parameterization

Delimiter What is the separation








JmeterPress polymerization report:

Concurrent user number

tps The higher the number of requests the server handles every second, the better the better

The faster the response, the better








Reference test for two associated interfaces


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