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There are many people in China who think that IT is a way to eat their youth. If they are over 30, it will be very difficult for them to develop. In fact, this is not the case. Here, I want to discuss with you on the basis of my own experience.

A clear goal

  A lot of people do IT in the “high income” point, because it is not a difficult thing to learn a bit of HTML, DIV+CSS, and a page developer, and it is easier to do a page developer to find a job more than a regular job, so it has become.The choice of a lot of college graduates.

As a developer, there is a learning atmosphere and a communication circle especially important. This is my two group of iOS exchanges: 737979092, whether you are small white or Daniel welcome to be admitted, share BAT, Ali interview, interview experience, discussion technology, and people exchange learning together.Long! We want to help developers to take less detours.

   If you just go in with such a mindset, you can really be careful. Because the competition of the dry IT is much more intense, especially in page design, there are many people who can develop it, so in order to save the cost, most companies will recruit such people when they need it.When there are orders, some small companies may also find various excuses or get rid of such employees by means of a pay cut.

In recruitment information, we often see “recruitment page designer, condition: under 30 years old…” Graduates are welcome to apply for such a job, because the technical requirements of this type of workers are not high, so finding new students can save costs.

       So in the next feeling that “IT industry is to eat young rice”, this sentence is just said to these people, if you lack of “enterprising”, and only embrace “high income, easy to find work” attitude and go, “IT industry is to eat young rice” will be tested.

Choose the right tool

  JAVA、C#、PHP、C++、VB……10Which of the most popular development languages has the most potential for development? In fact, the development language is only a tool, “it is better to strike out than to disperse the attack.” no matter which kind of development language, as long as you have to study fully, when you have a certain degree of familiarity, it is also light to learn the other language.The easy thing to do. The development language is divided into three main categories:

  1. Network development

  Now the Internet has become a bridge of world communication. It seems that most of the development languages like Javascript, PHP and Ruby are used for network development.

  2. Enterprise software development

  JAVA、C#、VBThese kinds of development languages achieve the goal of object oriented development, and more often they are used for the development of enterprise systems.

  3. Systems software

  CLanguages, C++ and Objective-C are mostly used in system software development and embedded development.

  Of course, this classification is not absolute, like JAVA, C#, VB are often used for the development of dynamic web sites. In the very development projects, we will use the integrated development method, and we will use various development languages in the same project. But when you first get started, you are advised to choose for yourself.Choose an appropriate development tool, “focus on learning and attack with all your strength”.

Clear direction of development

  When you have a certain understanding of a development language and start to feel like a “walking corpse” and become a development tool, you should be clear about your development direction.

  Normally in the company, you can see that most of the UI developers are more than 20 years old, they are full of energy, and they don’t have a family burden. When ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight and so on two years ago, they could buy a few books when they came home at night.Looking directly at the Internet, after 35 weeks of research, we already have a certain understanding of the technology we need.

Most of the 30 people have already got married. They only go to work at 9:00 every day. The only hope is that they can go to 6:00 o’clock quickly and go home for dinner. After dinner, I just want to play with my children, look at the children’s lessons, and lack the desire to learn new technologies.

So many programmers close to 30 years old have a sense of constraint (including myself at 30 years old). What should I do in a few years? At this point, you should clarify your goals and strive to move forward in your own direction. To sum up, you can choose one of the following ways:

1. Transition from technology to business

  In foreign countries, many developed countries attach great importance to talents. The difference between a senior programmer and a Project Manager is not more than 15%. But China is the most populous country in the world, with many domestic talents, so the abuse of talent can often be seen.

A small company’s development department often sees new faces, but PM doesn’t change frequently. Because the boss does not know the way to technology, as they seem to only pull PM’s heart, then the technical aspects can be fixed, as for the technical department to change people, they do not need to work hard to manage.

So the transition from a technician to a PM is an option to move forward, but developers need to know that to become a PM is not only the use of technology, but more importantly the understanding of management. A PM’s main task is to organize teams, control costs, manage business and control project progress.Communicate with customers, coordinate work, carry out regular work reports and so on.

Therefore, to become a successful PM, we should pay more attention to the organizational ability. PM must improve the team’s enthusiasm, play the team director, and get the maximum profit for the company under the limited development resources. After becoming a PM, there is usually no need for direct contact with technology development, and the emphasis is on business development.But PM needs to have a certain understanding of Technology (at the time of which PM has written an article on the need for technical understanding, with a lot of support but also a lot of controversy).

Here I still want to emphasize my point of view: to be a successful PM, the most important thing is management, but there should be enough understanding of technology, because it is a bridge to the team members, only in this way can we have a close combination with the members of the team and let the team members feel their own existence.The purpose is to mobilize the enthusiasm of the team instead of ignoring the existence of technical personnel. Technology is not a sufficient condition for a successful PM, but it is a necessary condition.

2. From programmer to technology management

  In fact, a Team Leader’s responsibility is similar to Project Manager, but Team Leader is more focused on technical development, and usually a large project will have one or two development teams led by Team Leader, responsible for developing the core departmentOther parts are allocated to different development teams or assigned to outsourcing companies.

You often see a few words on the Internet, describing the difference between PM and TL: “technicians are willing to be led; but they don’t like being managed, and they don’t like to be driven or directed like cattle.” Managers force people to obey their orders, and leaders lead them to work together.

Management is objective and has no personal feelings. It assumes that the manager has no thoughts and feelings, and is told what to do and how to do it. Leadership is the guide and guidance, and it motivates people to achieve their goals. Leadership is intensely personal. It is not something you can command, nor can you measure, evaluate, and test.Yes. “

  Both PM and TL, the business and technology should have a deep understanding of the business, only PM more focused on the management of business, the number of profits, the size of the risk, and so on, while TL focuses on the cost of the project, the difficulty of development, the software architecture and other technical aspects. In some people’s eyes, technology and management are like fishYou can’t have both the bear’s paw and the bear’s paw. It is only a matter of time before we improve our knowledge of technology and management in a timely manner and continue to develop to a deeper level.

For example, an ordinary.NET programmer may start to limit the page development of ASP.NET, but once he has the heart of development, he will naturally feel the development of ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WinForm, WPF, and other UI.Interest, learning does not take much time, he may know that these UI development is just a few tools, in fact, there is no difference in the development principle.

Then he will understand the deep layer of communication patterns and understand the common communication methods such as TCP/IP, Web Service, WCF, and Remoting, when he may feel that he has a further understanding of the development technology. Then to workflow, design modelAdvanced technologies such as pattern, object oriented design, domain driven design, service oriented development, and finally become the leader of technology.

The above is just a metaphor, but it is important to note that in the period of learning we must pay attention to communication with colleagues, many developers like to be alone, the development of the project always want to do a person, without interference from the outside world. But understand that even if you have big skills, a big project can’t be yours.All the men were carrying them. So teamwork and communication between colleagues are necessary, which is also a necessary condition for a successful TL.

3. Unilaterally oriented technology development

  The most talented person who can succeed in technology development is the most desired job, but he has no ability to get to this position. Many people in the development will think that business always brings “the taste of money”, and the boss has never been able to develop the principle of development, and if it is tested, they will only be in front of the customers.With endless boasting, the project can be delivered successfully at the expiration of the project, so long as there is no big problem, the project is successful.

In fact, we also need to understand that the ultimate goal of the development project is to make money. In the process of development, it is necessary to control the cost of the project and control the efficiency of the project. So it is necessary for the managers to manage the project.

But developers also want to avoid this “money hubbub” and devote themselves to the world of technology. Therefore, people who have strong interest in technology tend to study a particular technology in depth and become the elite of technology.

But here is a light saying: China is already the second largest economic ally in the world, but the gross national product comes mainly from the third party processing industry. China can be said to be talented, but it is lagging behind the developed countries in the high-tech industry.

In recent years, we can see that our country has made a qualitative leap in hi-tech, but it still has a long way to go with the developed countries in Europe and America. Therefore, it is more difficult to become a cutting-edge technology in China than abroad. From this point of view, if you want to be a developer, you must have C, C++, assembly language, and embedding.The underlying technologies such as type development, Windows API and Linux API have an in-depth understanding.

You need to know how to solve JAVA,.NET… These are called advanced development languages, not that they are more advanced than C, C++, assembly language, but that they encapsulate the functions of C, C++, and so on, more suitable for the development of enterprise software, and make development easier. But if we have to develop some bottomWhen developing software and large scale system, you must use C, C++, assembly language and so on. This is a condition for successful talents.

Determine future goals

  People are growing from the experience of history. The ancients cloud: it is not a person’s social status, economic source, but a person’s goal of the future, the intention of life. If you want to be a successful person, you should set a long-term development goal for yourself as early as possible. along withPeople are different in their disposition and orientation.

1. Stand up and start a business

  Nearly 30 years old, many people will think that if you want to really earn money, you should set up your own door and set up a foundation for your own business. Like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, to buy a house, the first building is about 20 thousand ~4 million yuan / square meters, and a common IT company as a project.The basic income is generally between 15 thousand ~3 000 (unless it works in a large multinational company).

To buy a house of about 100 square meters, even if you don’t eat or drink, it’s almost 10 years’ annual salary, so choosing to start a business is a future goal for many IT developers. To achieve this goal, we should focus more on business.

One undeniable thing is that many times in Chinese society are “relations”. Even if the reform and opening up of the 30 years made China’s economy flourish, it still cannot be completely worn out for thousands of years. So people who want to start a business suggest that you should have more relationships with customers and partners.A mutually beneficial mode of mutual benefit will be conducive to the development of future businesses.

2. Retreat, retreat to the second line

  This is also a choice for many people. Many people, after having a family, feel that the pressure is too big, people’s life is not only a career, they want to spend more time on the care of their relatives, care for the children. So many people will choose a system like system analysis, system maintenance, university teachers, professional college lecturers.Work. Income is stable, and there is often no pressure on front-line developers.

3. Unremitting efforts, further

  Whether you are a Project Manager or a Team Leader, if you want to continue to be promoted, it will still be polarized. From a PM to a company’s management, there will be many changes in the events it faces.

The general manager of a company is no longer the cost of one to two projects, but the operation of the whole department, the whole business process of the company, so the task will be heavier. There was once a boss, Dr. Peng, who was the top leader of the company, earning more than three million a year, and also in newspapers and magazines.Through the light.

Usually only in some meetings, light up and down, say two speeches, ordinary company operation and business management do not need him to directly execute. This is not to say that one is idle as a management, because they are faced with more social connections and ties with the company’s cooperative enterprises. This is with a PM job.There is a big difference, so it takes more effort and sweat to upgrade from a PM to a management level.

  If you want to rise from Team Leader to a technical director, the direction of your work has changed. As I said before: a TL may attach more importance to the technical level, focus on interaction and cooperation with the team, and pay more attention to the perfection of development. And a technical director needs no direct participation.The development of a project, while paying attention to the efficiency and results of the development, how to use the limited development resources reasonably, control the risk of development and the possible effect.

Development feeling

  After more than 8 years, in the next from a programmer to a project manager, there are many twists and turns, but because each person’s chance is different, the road is different, the so-called road to Rome, the road to success more than one, in the next do not want to make you misunderstood, but just want to say a little for everyone.The direction of my development.

If you are a developer, “programmer -> architect -> Team Leader (Project Manager) -> technical director” is a good way, and this is the way to choose. In China, we want to further improve ourselves, no matter what you do.If you want to focus on technology or business, you can not do without two words of management.

In some large enterprises, a team is often equipped with a PM and an architect, although two people are responsible for the different tasks, but you will see that an architect’s income is often less than a PM, and PM is often the core leader of the team and a key figure. Because the company can make money, PM hasIt plays an important role.

PMThere is no absolute difference from TL, and in some small and medium enterprises, a development team has only 3~5 people, and a TL often has many tasks such as business processing, cost control, architecture design, development management, and so on. So in the next place Team Leader and Project ManaGER is on the same level. A company’s boss often doesn’t know what the team’s architect and the programmer are, and only asks PM about the progress of the project, so it is only promoted to this level that there is a chance to further improve the management ability and make it up.

As for a technical director, the requirement is no longer just a single project management, but more emphasis on the reference of emerging technology, the rational utilization of resources, the agility of the development project, and so on.

Summary of the final technical orientation:

Technology: first choose a good technology platform, develop a language and database, and focus on it for several years.

Technology + management: if you have certain technical experience, and good interpersonal skills and management skills, you can develop in this direction.

Technology + business: proficient in a technology platform, proficient in a business, and doing well, this kind of talent is most popular.

Management: if you have certain social experience and experience, if you have interpersonal skills and management skills, your boss will like it.

Business type (market): if you are very interested in business and have good contacts with customers, you can choose, and have the appropriate professional skills to add more icing on the cake.

As a developer, there is a learning atmosphere and a communication circle especially important. This is my two group of iOS exchanges: 737979092, whether you are small white or Daniel welcome to be admitted, share BAT, Ali interview, interview experience, discussion technology, and people exchange learning together.Long! We want to help developers to take less detours.

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