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LinuxThe kernel version and the running version

  LinuxKernel version

  • LinuxKernel official network:
  • The kernel version explains 2.6.18 (version: the main version. The second version. The last version, if the later version is smaller, the update is more updated, the update takes place and the main version is updated).
  • The latest kernel version of 4.16.9

  LinuxRelease version

  • The kernel is the same
  • Manufacturers are different, such as CentOS (completely free), RedHat (partial charges), Fedoro, Ubuntu
  • Add one’s own features, such as the style of the interface

Linuxapplication area

  • Enterprise server based on Linux
  • Embedded application

LinuxLearning method

  How should I ask?

  • First try to solve it by yourself

    - Help

    - File

    - Examples

  • The wisdom of asking questions

    - The problem is detailed

    - Map

LinuxDifferent from Windows

  • LinuxStrictly distinguish between case and case
  • LinuxAll contents in the file are saved in file, including hardware.
  • LinuxIt does not rely on extension to distinguish file types.

    - Compressed package: “*.gz”, “.Bz2” +*.tar.bz2 “,” “.Tgz” and so on

    - Binary software package: “.Rpm”

    - Page type: “*.html”, “*.php”

    - Script file: “*.sh”

    - Configuration file: “*.conf”

  • WindowsThe next program cannot be installed and run directly in the Linux

Advantage of character interface

  • The character interface takes up less system resources
  • The character interface reduces the possibility of errors and attacks.


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