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    UMLClass diagram relationship diagram, because the length is very similar, so people always confused, the main purpose of this article is to analyze the 6 main relationships, find connections and differences, easy to remember.

    6The main relationship is shown in Figure 1. Inheritance and implementation, combination and aggregation, association and dependence can be divided into a group, each of the two relationships of each group is very similar (the connotation and the diagram are very similar), but the intensity of the relationship decreases. For example, the combination is an organic composition, indispensable, and aggregation is a more loose, moreWeak relationship, you can learn from the example in the diagram. The difference between relational graphs is that when connection weakens, the connection will change from solid line to dotted line, so it can be memorize according to this rule.

Figure 1 example of the main relationship in UML class 6


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