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bool isset(mixed var);[;mixed var[,…]]

This function requires a variable name as a parameter. If this variable exists, it returns true, otherwise it returns false.

You can also pass a list of variables separated by commas. If all variables are set, the isset () function will return to true.

You can also use unset () to destroy a variable.

As long as the passed variables are set, both the 0 and the empty strings are true unless the passed variables do not set any values.

Just to make a simple declaration, then return to false.

    echo 'isset($a)' . isset($a);   //In this case, $a returns to false


bool empty(mixed var);

Function empty () can be used to check whether a variable exists.And whether its value is empty and non 0, and whether the string is empty.

Return to true and false accordingly.


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