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1: source

    YAHOO —> Google two papers, GFS, MapReduce.

Two: composition

    hadoop common:Common tools to support other Hadoop modules. 

     HDFS:Distributed file system provides high throughput access to application data. The full name: Hadoop Distributed File System.

    hadoop yarn:A framework for job scheduling and cluster resource management.

    hadoop mapreduce:A large data set parallel processing system based on YARN.

    ApacheOther Hadoop related projects include:Ambari™Avro™Cassandra™,Chukwa™,HBase™,Hive™,Mahout™,Pig™,Spark™,Tez™,ZooKeeper™。

Three: Hadoop isReliableExtensibleDistributed computing software, and one more thing isHigh performance,He needs other software to achieve this characteristic.

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