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    • Cpython
          PythonThe official version, implemented in the C language, is the most widely used, and the CPython implementation converts the source file (py file) into a bytecode file (PyC file), and then runs on the Python virtual machine.
    • Jyhton
          PythonWith Java implementation, Jython dynamically compiles Python code into Java bytecode and runs on JVM.
    • IronPython
          PythonFor C# implementation, IronPython compiles Python code into C# bytecode and runs on CLR. (similar to Jython)
    • PyPy(Special)
          PythonThe implemented Python compiles bytecode bytes of Python into machine codes.
    • RubyPython、Brython …

Above, except for PyPy, the corresponding relationship and execution process of other Python are as follows:


PyPy,On the basis of Python, the bytecode of Python is further processed, so as to improve the execution speed.


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