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development language

  High level languages: Python, Java, PHP, C#, C++, Go, Ruby…

  Low level language: C, assembler


The contrast between languages

  PHPClass: suitable for writing web pages

  Python、Java:You can either write a web page or write a back-end function

    -Python:Low execution efficiency and high development efficiency

    -Java:High efficiency and low development efficiency


  CLanguage: Code CompilationMachine code ,The machine code is directly executed on the processor, and each instruction controls CPU work.

  Other languages: Code CompilationBytecode ,The virtual machine executes bytecode and converts it into machine code, and then executes on the processor.


  Python And the language of C Python is developed by C

    For use: PythonThe class library is complete and used succinctly,If you want to achieve the same function, Python 10 lines of code can solve, C may need 100 lines or more.
    For speed: the speed of Python is slower than that of C.

  Python And Java, C#, etc.

    For use: Linux original Python, other languages do not; there are very rich class libraries in the above languages.
    For speed: Python at speedProbablySlightly inferior


Therefore, there is no essential difference between Python and other languages. The other differences are: being good at a certain field, being rich in talents, and being preconceived.

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