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copyOnWriteArray  Record

package java.util.concurrent;//You're not mistaken, it's this bag
 private transient volatile Object[] array;//Initialization arrayPublic CopyOnWriteArrayList () * / / constructor, initializationSetArray (New Object[0]);}Final voiD setArray (Object[] a) {Array = a;}Public Boolean add (E E) {Final ReentrantLock lock = this.lock;Lock.lock ();Try {Object[] elements = getArray ();Int len = elements.length;Object[] newElements = Arrays.copyOf (elements,Len + 1);NewElements[len] = E;SetArray (newElements);Return trUE;} finally {Lock.unlock ();}}Final Object[] getArray () {Return array;}
public E get(int index) {//Get a single array objectReturn get (getArray () (), index);}
private E get(Object[] a, int index) { return (E) a[index]; }

  addWhen the yoke is first copied and then assigned, there is no lock on the get, which may cause get to be less than the nearest value during multithreading.


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