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In the past, I often feel that some of the teacher’s lectures are too simple to listen to, or think that the teacher’s teaching methods are not properly detailed and so on, and even think why the teacher’s indescribable voice hurts. Until, when I stand on stage for a while, I talk about high numbers with my classmates.In class preparation, I realized that, really, it’s not easy to be a teacher, especially when you give lectures to so many students, there is no way to know where the students are not understood (if they don’t have enough communication with their classmates), or which places are relatively simple but they are worried that they don’tThere is a lot of wordy, all the factors that may cause influence, in fact, will have a great influence on your classroom atmosphere and effect. In addition, when facing many students, your voice will not improve naturally, even if you do not feel it, it may be unconsciously worried about the students will not hear the original.For example, for example, when I shouted a class in my voice, I found my voice bad, very dry and dumb. At this point, I finally understood why the teacher always had a occupational disease that had no voice. Yes, it was too hard for the teacher. Only when you have had this experience, you will understand, prepare for the lesson.Careful and time-consuming, worrying and worrying about all the students and the conscious improvement of voice decibel are difficult tasks. I seem to have some understanding and understanding of the difficulties and greatness of being a teacher.

When you tell the lesson, you can understand that most of the teachers before you can understand, the teachers who are very attractive to the students are all too admirable!

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