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cmake source package installation”

CMakeIt is a cross platform installation (compilation) tool that can be used to describe the installation of all platforms (compilation process) with simple statements. For specific learning, please move to the official network CMake

This article introduces someone else’s package installed by cmake.
General process:

mkdir build //Create a compiled folderCD buildCmake.. / / compileCmake --build. --config Release

cmake source package uninstall”

The key is how to delete the files installed by cmake after installation. We may see a lot of files in the cmake process.

After studying it, we found a more efficient way:
Find the previous build folder, there will be a call.install_manifest.txtThe plain text file, which contains the contents of your cmake installation, is provided only as a variable.rmThe instructions are handled well.

cat install_manifest.txt | sudo xargs rm

After deleting, you can delete your source package again.


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