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Method one (simple and quick, recommended):
Help–>Eclipse Marketplace..–>Enter JAD on the search Tab page and install it. It
Method two:
Download the compile plug-in
There is a jad.exe file in it;
  1. Put (net.sf.jadclipse_3.3.0.jar) files in the..\eclipse\dropins directory.

  2. Put (jad.exe) files in the..\jdk\bin directory (other class path paths are also running).
  3. Restart eclipse; –> Window –> Preferences–> search JAD

    Search to explain the success of installation

  4. Configure jadClipse, Path, to, decompiler:, jad.exe for your jad.exe file location.

    Remember apply

  5. 1. Window –>Preferences–>Search for file Associatio

    2.Modify the default open mode of *.class

    3.Modify *.class without source

     *.class without source Different versions of the version are not selected.

Restart eclipse
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