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A simple MySQL note to everyone, I hope you like it.

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second chapters, and master-slave replication

2.1、binlog——The basis of logical replication


2.3、MySQLReplication advance

2.4、Semi synchronous replication

2.5、Replication based on gtid

2.6、Multisource replication and cascading replication

2.7、On double owners

third chapter has an engine — InnoDB

3.1、InnoDBIntroduction of storage engine structure

3.2、General table space

3.3、Pages and records

3.4、Analysis of the working principle of buffer pool

3.5、InnoDBPage compression technology

3.6、First acquaintance background thread

3.7、About checkpoint

3.8、InnoDBBasic characteristics

3.9、A brief analysis of the affairs

3.10、Talk about business again

3.11、Redo log related

3.12、Crash recovery and group submission


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