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1. The composition of the structure:

List control byHorizontal head(self.horizontalHeader())、Vertical head(self.verticalHeader())andCell(QTableWidgetItem)Form

The header is divided by logic according to Section, that is, each lattice represents a Section.

Two, the principle of line and column design:

1.The number of rows and columns of a cell excludes the list header and row header.

2.The index of the first row and the first column is 0.

3.Inserting a new row or a new column, or the program begins to generate a table, appears to have generated a cell QTableWidgetItem object in appearance, and actually is not obtained by self.item (row, Colm), that is, there is no cell object. So you need to build a unitThe grid object is generated by self.setItem (row, Colm, widgetItem).


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