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The self – question of the Internet product process

        HopeI hope you can reflect on our product process through the following questions.

First question: is it a long – term, high – frequency demand?

For a long time, one night was rejected.

High frequency, develop dependence.


Second question: is the core function closed closed?

Core function is your greatest strength and should be excellent enough.

Closed loop is the experience of every date. It should be short and beautiful.
With OFO


Third question: is closed loop easy to catch?

Every performance in a date is very important, and there is no chance to leave a stain.

Those who do not control the links in your hands are easy to get stuck.

Fourth question: is the hardware condition available?

Hardware conditions are all the infrastructure needed in love.

The girl who has not yet repaired the road will not climb up.

Fifth question: are the software conditions available?

Software conditions are the spiritual prerequisites for love.

Too conservative a girl must ask for home before 7 p.m.


Sixth question: is there a potential / huge competitor?

The great opponent is the rival, and the potential opponent is little three.

People in love have 0 IQ, and always be on the alert to open them correctly.


Question 7: does the team have the capability advantage?

The ugly man should not be a handsome man, and the wood does not tremble.

Plain and intimate is also an advantage.

The ability to decide what to play.


Eighth question: does the team have a resource advantage?

Poor people can’t do anything that needs money, but they have a lot of strength.

The advantage of resources determines how to reproduce.

Question: is the management of the team reliable?

On the sidelines, it is limitless, when things are as muddled as Bi.

Repair your heart through (other) things.

Team management determines whether capacity advantages and resource advantages can be maximized.

Question: are members of the team reliable?

Would rather be stupid, willing to be stupid.

The degree of dependence of members determines the degree of landing of the first three items.


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