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Here today, I hope to have a reference to your technical leadership, enterprise management, system architecture design and evaluation, team management, project management, product management, team building, and the articles that you may be interested in:
Evolution of system architecture in international environment
Design of micro service architecture
The evolution of the system architecture of live video platform
Introduction of micro service and Docker
DockerContinuous integration of /CD with CI
A case of Internet shopping cart architecture evolution
Message queuing architecture in the Internet service scene
One of the evolution of efficient research team management in the Internet
Evolution of message system architecture design
One of the evolution of Internet ecommerce search architecture
The myth of enterprise information and software engineering
Introduction of enterprise project management
The key to the success of a software project
An introduction to interpersonal communication style
Lean IT organization and sharing leadership
Learning organization and enterprise
Enterprise innovation culture and hierarchy
Organizational goals and personal goals
Talent recruitment and management of start-ups
The environment of Talent Company and enterprise culture
Corporate culture, team culture and knowledge sharing
Efficient team building
Project management communication plan
Construction of efficient R & D and automated operation and maintenance
The practice of a large business cloud platform
Design ideas of Internet database architecture
ITInfrastructure planning one (network system planning)
Customer analysis process for food and beverage industry solutions
Procurement strategy formulation and implementation process for catering industry solutions
The business design process of the catering industry solution
Supply chain demand survey CheckList
The evolution of real time measurement system for performance of enterprise applications

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