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Administrator identity running CMD,The following instructions are executed in turn:

net stop aow_drv
del C:\aow_drv.log
mkdir C:\aow_drv.log
attrib +s +h C:\aow_drv.log
icacls C:\aow_drv.log /c /deny everyone:(f)

The above operation is essentially the creation of a namesake folder and refusing all access applications, so there is no way to write to aow_drv.log, and it will be rejected by the system. To cancel and delete the hidden folder above, use administrator’s identity to execute sequentially:
icacls C:\aow_drv.log /remove:d everyone
rd /s /q C:\aow_drv.log
In this way, we will start the engine of the Tencent mobile tour assistant, and we will create the log file again.

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